You are the most important part of our day

Customer service is the keystone to a great practice and ultimately provides the best care on the journey to health. Patients of Healing Choices enjoy the fact that quality time is spent with each patient to take the time to time to answer questions and guide each individual through their journey to wellness. Here are some testimonials.


Laser Relief for a Chronic Injury 

"I have dealt with knee pain and stability issues nearly a decade after an injury. I did PT initially following the injury, but I still had recurring pain in my knee which limited my ability to do high-impact activity. After 12 laser treatments I am now able to run, hike, and do plyometric exercise with no pain during or after the activity. I’m more confident doing high-impact activities now too, as I don’t need to worry about my knee “giving out”, swelling, or having sharp pain with just one wrong move. I would highly recommend laser treatment for anyone who is healing from an injury or has chronic pain. I know laser would be my first choice of treatment in the future should I ever need it!"

— Caitlin Hodges, M.Ed.

From Skeptic to Avangelist

I was referred to Dr. Jeri and she is amazing.  Her office is very welcoming and Laura, her front desk staff, is very friendly.  I have tendinitis in my left shoulder and did physical therapy for 2 months, which offered little help. I was a little skeptical and nervous but I decided to go see her because my shoulder was not getting better.  


I had a hard time lifting my arm above my head, had some swelling in my fingers and it was hard for me to grip things. After 3 weeks and I can honestly say that my shoulder is about 90% better. I still have a little ways to go but Dr. Jeri gave me some great exercises and other things to do to get my shoulder back in shape. She explains everything that she's doing and tell you why she's doing it. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

— Sharon M.

Reduced Back Pain

"Dr. Jeri is amazing and so helpful. I have had on and off back pain for years and Dr. Jeri is the first and only chiropractor who has truly gone to the source and helped ease the pain.  I cannot recommend her or her massage therapist enough!"

— Katie B.