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The Kinesio® Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused or tired muscles, and support muscles in movement on a 24-hour-a-day basis. It is not a restrictive type of taping and allows for full range of motion. In contrast, traditional sports taping is wrapped around a joint strictly for stabilization and support during an athletic event. Kinesio® Tex Tape is used to treat anything from headaches to foot problems and everything in-between. Examples include rehabilitation from sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back strain/pain (subluxation, herniated disc), knee and shoulder conditions, and many more.

Kinesio Tape

  • 100% High Grade Cotton – for comfort and air-permeability
  • 140% Elasticity – same flexibility as human skin and muscles
  • Heat Activated Adhesive – very light, mild, and hypo-allergenic
  • 100% Latex Free
  • Air permeable, microscopically lifts the skin, channels away moisture
  • Durable – average usage allows 3-5 days per application