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Chiropractic Sports Medicine

This program advances the chiropractor's knowledge of sports-related injuries and how to treat them. The chiropractic sports physician provides conservative treatment of such injuries and designs rehabilitation programs for his or her patients. The skills of the chiropractic sports physician extend to performance optimization of the athlete's musculoskeletal and nervous systems. And the CCSP
or DACBSP graduate learns how to work in a multi-disciplinary sports care environment that includes medical doctors, physical therapists, trainers and others.

Because of their extended training in this specialty, sports chiropractors have made great strides in spinal injury prevention programs. They have also contributed greatly to the science and art of contact sport trauma management, therapy, athletic health maintenance, superior healing after injury, and even to the development of specialized protective gear.

More and more, athletes are giving public recognition to their personal chiropractors as important parts of their health maintenance, recovery and training programs.

Many top athletes have used sports chiropractors, including Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, Emmit Smith, Lance Armstrong, Hines Ward, Sidney Crosby and Kelly Slater, just to name a few. With chiropractic sports physicians on hand, athletes have never had it better.